Fire Stations

The Grand Island Fire Company maintains three fire stations within the Town of Grand Island, New York. Because of the square mileage of the fire protection district, plans call for more fire stations as the population increases. Currently, the fire company holds title to vacant land on Whitehaven Road near River Oaks and on Staley Road near the WHLD radio towers in anticipation of the required expansion.

Grand Island Fire Company
Fire Headquarters

2275 Baseline Road

The First Fire Hall, former town hall.
Original Building Acquired: 1939
A new Building: 1953
For an expanding Operation, Remodeled – 1983
For a Modern Operation, Remodel and Expanded – 1992
For Larger Apparatus, Remodel & Expanded - 2006


Grand Island Fire Company
Station 2

Stony Point Road, Near Huth Road
Original Structure – 1960’s
Replacement Structure – 1974

Grand Island Fire Company
Station 3

Baseline Road, Near Fix Road
Original Structure – 1960's
Replacement Structure – 1976