9-1-1 Call Center


In Grand Island, 9-1-1 calls for fire and medical problems are dispatched directly by the Grand Island Fire Company Communications Center. What makes Grand Island unique, is that our 9-1-1 call center is centrally located and dedicated to the residents of Grand Island. Other 9-1-1 calls outside of Grand Island are actually dispated and managed outside of their parent community.

National protocols (NAED) are integrated with local practices and resources to get the right help to the right place in the right fashion. Callers needing police assistance are transferred to the appropriate police agency.

The dispatchers are employees of the Grand Island Fire Company, Inc. and receive an hourly wage for their dispatching time. Applications are always accepted; however, new employees are hired as needed.


Certified Public Safety Communicators Staff the Grand Island 9-1-1 at the Public Safety Answering point